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The company produces various types of sensors, signal conditioners, dynamic and static signal acquisition and analysis systems, modal analysis and vibration shock excitation and test instruments.


YE6270 dynamic signal test analysis collector

YE6270 is a high-performance, high-precision, high-reliability data acquisition device independently developed by Jiangsu Lianneng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Configuration of different front conditioners can complete testing and analysis of physical quantities such as stress, strain, vibration (acceleration, speed, displacement), shock, temperature and humidity, pressure, flow, force, torque, voltage, current, etc., and has strong anti-interference And industrial environment adaptability.
Adopt high-speed USB2.0 and Gigabit Ethernet interface to ensure the convenience of PC connection and high-speed data transmission;
High precision, low distortion and low noise;
Built-in constant current sources, program-controlled gain amplifiers, analog filters and other signal conditioning circuits, as well as anti-aliasing filters, 24-bit high-precision A / D converters, sampling control, and all hardware for computer communications;
A single machine can constitute a 4-channel, 8-channel, 16-channel (32-channel needs to be customized) measurement system; it can also be synchronized with a maximum of 224 channels of cascaded multi-machines in parallel to meet the needs of different test systems;
24-bit high-precision A / D converter, multi-channel simultaneous sampling, the highest sampling rate is 300KHz / each channel; the sampling rate of each channel is independently set;
The input can be equipped with different pre-conditioners to achieve multiple ways of signal input: YE5859 charge conditioner, YE38110 strain conditioner, YE38210 IEPE conditioner, YE5938 displacement measurement conditioner. For detailed technical parameters, please refer to each conditioner parameter
With a variety of parameter setting functions, multiple sampling methods, rich time and frequency domain analysis and processing functions;
Supports online data storage, offline data analysis, and the machine is equipped with a large-capacity storage SD card, which can realize storage while sampling;
Arbitrary waveform generator module (optional): The module provides 2 channels (irrelevant) of arbitrary waveform generator, 24-bit high-speed D / A output, and can generate sine, sine sweep, DC, random, pulse, half-sine and other signals ;
YE6270 series dynamic data collector can be combined with power amplifiers, shakers, sensors and other special test systems, such as sensor sensitivity calibration system, anti-vibration hammer characteristic test system, etc., to process the collected sensor signals through software to control D / A Signal output, make the shaker vibrate according to the preset frequency, amplitude and other parameters to form closed-loop feedback control;
AD resolution: 24bit;
Dynamic range: ≥110 dB;
AD accuracy: better than 0.5%;
Voltage input signal: DC-100KHz;
Filter: Independent anti-aliasing filtering for each channel ≥100dB;
Sampling rate is set online. The sampling rate is set in real time by the computer. Each channel can be set independently.
Stopband attenuation: 100dB / oct;
Data transmission method: USB2.0, Gigabit Ethernet;
Sampling method: real-time sampling, real-time display, online storage (depending on the capacity of the SD card), computer storage;
Power supply: AC220V 50Hz;
Weight: about 5Kg.
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