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YE6269 Dynamic Signal Test Analysis System

1 Overview
       YE6269 is a high performance dynamic signal test and analysis system with a wide range of applications, which can complete stress strain, vibration (acceleration, speed, displacement), shock, temperature (various types of thermocouples), pressure, flow, force, torque, voltage, and current The test and analysis of various physical quantities have high test accuracy and strong anti-interference ability to ensure accurate and reliable test results.
2.Scope of application
2.1 It can complete the stress and strain test and analysis of full bridge, half bridge and 1/4 bridge (120Ω or 350Ω three-wire system);
2.2 Accurate testing of physical quantities such as force, pressure, displacement, speed, acceleration with strain sensors;
2.3 Built-in sensor excitation source 24V / 4mA, collects the output signal of IEPE (ICP) piezoelectric acceleration sensor, and realizes the test and analysis of vibration acceleration, vibration speed, and vibration displacement (optional hardware secondary integration)
2.4 Optional charge conditioner, and cooperate with piezoelectric sensors to accurately measure dynamic pressure and acceleration, speed and displacement;
2.5 Voltage input for precise measurement of various voltage signals. Cooperate with thermocouple, magnetoelectric speed sensor and various transmitters to test and analyze various physical quantities.
3. Features
3.1 The appearance design is a 3U standard chassis, each with a maximum of 16 channels, which can be directly installed in a standard cabinet to form a huge test system;
3.2 Support the intelligent wire identification function, and automatically set the measuring point parameters according to the predefined template;
3.3 Gigabit Ethernet communication, communication with the computer can record multi-channel signals in real time without interruption for a long time, all channels work in parallel and synchronously, and the sampling rate of each channel can reach 200KHz;
3.4 Support strain channel calibration in the field, which can quickly know the current status of the channel;
3.5 Independent A / D parallel real-time acquisition for each channel.
3.6 DMA mode real-time data transmission, ensuring high-speed, stable, no missing codes, no crashes;
3.7 Four-wire system bridge, the bridge voltage is not affected by the length of the wire (resistance);
4. System composition
     The data acquisition system communicates with the computer through Gigabit Ethernet, and through network technology, it can realize unlimited multi-channel extended parallel sampling and real-time signal acquisition, storage, display and analysis.
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