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The company produces various types of sensors, signal conditioners, dynamic and static signal acquisition and analysis systems, modal analysis and vibration shock excitation and test instruments.

Vibration test system

Equipment condition monitoring and fault diagnosis software

It integrates online monitoring, spot inspection and wireless monitoring system, covering the condition monitoring, fault diagnosis and equipment management system of all rotating machinery in the enterprise. Based on the B / S and C / S architecture, the equipment field, control center, and remote diagnosis center can be seamlessly connected at multiple levels.
System settings: It is possible to manually set various parameters to ensure the normal operation of the system, and to meet the needs of adding and modifying monitoring parameters in the future without changing the software.
Data acquisition: The system can continuously and synchronously collect all vibration signals of the storage device: it can accurately collect the speed and process parameters related to the condition of the device.
Status recognition: The system can automatically identify the status of the equipment, such as normal status, start-stop status, and abnormal status, etc., and can automatically generate reports that fully reflect the status of the equipment.
Real-time monitoring: real-time monitoring data is displayed in the form of a main monitoring chart, a bar table, a data table, and a curve.
Alarm monitoring: When the equipment is abnormal, the alarm can be flashed automatically to avoid further damage to the equipment.
Data management: The system can automatically store related data, form a historical database (hour, day, month, year database), event database, original comparison database, black box database and feature database, etc., and can maintain the database.
Trend analysis: It can analyze the change trend of one or more parameters relative to a certain parameter, and the horizontal axis and vertical axis can be arbitrarily selected.
Accident recall: A black box database is available to recall detailed data before and after the accident.
Vibration analysis: with powerful vibration analysis functions, including time domain analysis (waveform, amplitude, axis trajectory, axis position, axis simulation), frequency domain analysis (spectrum, phase, waterfall, filter analysis, detailed spectrum) , Cepstrum, envelope analysis, spectrum target map), variable speed analysis (Bode plot, polar plot, cascade plot), time-frequency analysis (wavelet transform), and contrast analysis.
Fault diagnosis: online diagnosis and offline diagnosis can be used to automatically diagnose and dialogue to diagnose common faults of the equipment, such as unbalanced mass, parts falling off, misalignment, rotor rubbing, loosening, electromagnetic force imbalance, oil film oscillation, airflow shock Vibration, rotational stall, surge, gear and bearing failure, etc., and has knowledge base management functions.
Event list: Record detailed information of alarm events and switch events.
Dynamic balance calculation: It has multi-plane and multi-measurement point least square method influence coefficient and spectral component method influence coefficient calculation and balance method.
Report printing: It can print the running report and signal analysis graph regularly according to the user's requirements.
Network communication: Can communicate with DCS and MIS systems in the factory, and can communicate with remote fault diagnosis center.
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