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The company produces various types of sensors, signal conditioners, dynamic and static signal acquisition and analysis systems, modal analysis and vibration shock excitation and test instruments.

Vibration test system

Rotary equipment condition monitoring and fault diagnosis system

SK series rotating machinery vibration monitoring and fault diagnosis system consists of hardware system and software system. The hardware system is composed of lower-level high-speed data acquisition, information processing, data storage management system and server, upper computer engineer station and accessories. The hardware system adopts modular building block structure, flexible configuration, and upper and lower hardware systems are integrated through industrial Ethernet network. The software system consists of three parts: data acquisition software, database software, and analysis and diagnosis software. This system has powerful vibration analysis and fault diagnosis functions.
List of measured values: time, rotation speed, pass frequency amplitude, power frequency 1X amplitude / phase, 2x frequency 2X amplitude / phase, custom frequency multiplication amplitude / phase, gap voltage, vibration waveform, vibration spectrum, axis position map, Holographic spectrum, axial trajectory diagram, in-phase / inverted diagram, Bode diagram, trend diagram: pass frequency amplitude curve, arbitrary order amplitude / phase, gap voltage, rotation speed, three-dimensional waterfall chart: conventional three-dimensional waterfall chart, color three-dimensional waterfall chart 2, two-dimensional chromatograms; horizontal slice (spectrum at a certain time or speed), vertical slice (change of a frequency component with speed or time), open 2 test items at the same time and display in the same window.
Analysis parameters
● Fixed frequency sampling: the highest analysis bandwidth is 40kHz / ch, the highest number of spectral lines is 25600; FFT window functions: rectangular window, Haining window, flat roof window.
● Continuous data collection: tape drive function, continuous recording of large-capacity data seamlessly. The recordable data length depends on the computer hard drive.
● Full-cycle sampling: full-cycle sampling for speed tracking, the highest order number is 256 steps (512 points / revolution), and the highest order resolution is 1/8 order.
● Pulses per revolution (PPR).
● Vibration sensor selection: eddy current, vibration speed, vibration acceleration.
● Measurement result: You can select integration to get speed or displacement.
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