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The company produces various types of sensors, signal conditioners, dynamic and static signal acquisition and analysis systems, modal analysis and vibration shock excitation and test instruments.

Vibration test system

YE5950B dual channel axis displacement monitor

YE5950B intelligent dual-channel vibration monitor is used to monitor the increase of absolute vibration caused by rotor imbalance, misalignment, loose parts, damaged rolling bearings, gear damage, etc. Vibration, shaft vibration, etc., and output the speed and displacement value of the vibration.
Monitoring unit type
● Vibration of various rotating machinery bearings, such as fans, compressors, motors, pumps, gear boxes, hydraulic turbines, etc.
● Shaft vibration and shaft displacement of various rotating machinery.
Output Interface
● Each channel has a 4-20mA active output terminal, which can be connected to the host computer to collect signals or PLC display on site.
● Each channel has isolated two-level alarm relay output terminals (4 output relays of "ALERT" and "DANGER").
● Each channel provides a buffered output ("BUF") of the original signal, directly connected to the condition monitoring instrument.
● The on-site light-emitting diode displays the machine running status and relay status.
● 4 ~ 20mA of each channel can be used to display vibration value through PLC and DCS Vibration values ​​can also be displayed on site.
● Data bus interface: RS485 is used for data communication.
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