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The company produces various types of sensors, signal conditioners, dynamic and static signal acquisition and analysis systems, modal analysis and vibration shock excitation and test instruments.


YE5955-L type lora wireless sensor

YE5955 wireless sensor is a new type of vibration measuring instrument integrating the Internet of Things and vibration sensors. The measuring instrument integrates a vibration sensor, a high-performance low-power ARM processor, a 16-bit AD converter and a digital signal processing unit. YE5955-L communicates directly with the host computer through lora, and transmits the vibration temperature characteristic information to the host computer. At present, there are mainly two types, one is based on custom protocol transmission, and the other is based on lorawan transmission.
Product main technical indicators:

Vibration measurement parameters

Vibration direction

Single axis (three axes can be customized)

Acceleration range

± 25g (other ranges can be customized)

Acceleration frequency range

0.5-5000Hz ( up to 10kHz)

measurement accuracy

± 0.5% × F · S ( RMS )

Speed ​​frequency response

10-1000Hz ( 4-5KHz range can be customized )

Speed ​​range

35mm / s



Sampling frequency

20kHz , up to 32k

sampling interval

5 minutes (recommended sampling interval for external power supply) / 2 hours / 4 hours / 8 hours

sampling time

0.5 seconds / 2 seconds / 2 seconds , can be arranged

output signal

Acceleration, velocity, and displacement characteristic values ​​(there is an error in displacement measurement, it is not recommended to use the measured displacement of this sensor as a diagnostic basis)

Temperature measurement parameters


-40 ~ 120 ℃



Measurement error

± 1 ℃

Electrical and structural parameters

powered by

3.6V lithium battery

Continuous working time

More than 2 years (interval transmission, for example, once every 2 hours)

way of communication

Lora 433

Transmit power


Communication distance

0.7km (10dB), 1.6km (20dB) (open area)

Mounting thread

1 / 4-28


Within 200g

Environmental and protection parameters

Operating temperature

-40 ℃ to 70 ℃

Working humidity

Less than 95% RH

Protection class

Above IP65

Receive gateway parameters

communication method

Network port communication

Maximum supported nodes

Uploaded every 5 minutes, each gateway supports up to 50 nodes

working frequency

410-470M , dual antenna mode, support two frequency band access

Protection class


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