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YE5955 wireless digital intelligent vibration sensor measuring instrument

YE5955 wireless digital intelligent vibration sensor measuring instrument is a wireless intelligent vibration acquisition terminal, a new type of IoT vibration measuring instrument integrating an infinite transmission module and a vibration sensor. The measuring instrument integrates a piezoelectric vibration sensor with high performance. Low-power ARM processor, 16-bit AD converter and digital signal processing unit, and can choose various network communication methods (Ethernet, Wifi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, etc.) to directly communicate with the upper computer, which will vibrate The information is transmitted to the host computer. Remote monitoring and diagnosis can be constituted by Ethernet or Internet web server. At the same time, the digital signal processing unit inside the measuring instrument may also pre-process the signal (such as integration, quadratic integration, filtering, finding the root mean square value, etc.) and become vibration. Intelligent signal acquisition terminal.
The vibration-sensing measuring instrument is equipped with a temperature sensor that can simultaneously measure temperature. And with Flash memory, it can record the waveform or parameter information in the specified state.
The vibration sensing measuring instrument has novel shape, stable performance, long transmission distance, long working time and convenient installation.
It is suitable for spot inspection, patrol inspection and online vibration detection and fault analysis of various rotating and vibration equipment and systems such as generator sets, compressor units, wind turbines, fans, motors, pump bodies, valves, gears and bearings.
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