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YE6252 Architecture Mechanics Experiment Sets


YE6252 建筑力学综合试验系统YE6252 建筑力学综合试验系统YE6252 建筑力学综合试验系统




YE6252 building mechanics teaching experiment system is a mechanical experimental teaching device developed and developed by our company and Northwestern Polytechnical University according to the construction project of "National Basic Mechanics Teaching Base". The device has simplified and abstracted the engineering structure effectively, and can simulate and measure the static and dynamic parameters of the building model under wind and earthquake. The device fully considers the characteristics and requirements of teaching experiments in colleges and universities, makes the experimental content and classroom teaching content connected, easy to operate, intuitive and durable, and the data consistency is good, it is an ideal equipment for college mechanical and civil engineering experiments.


System composition

Bench section:

1.  Three-story building model

2.  Installation and adjustment mechanism of static force applying and static parameter measuring device

3.  Installation and adjustment mechanism of dynamic force disturbance and dynamic parameter measuring device

 Sensing excitation part:

1.  CL-YB-3 / 100K strain force sensor ( including special bracket )

2.  Strain measurement points can be freely assembled

3.  YE15401 non-contact shaker ( including special bracket )

4.  CWY-DO-504 eddy current type displacement sensor ( including special bracket )

 Dimensions: length 860 mm , width 220 mm , height 680mm .

 Experimental instrument composition:

1.  YE6252Y1 power amplifier

2.  YE6252Y2 frequency sweep signal generator

3.  YE6252Y3 Force Measuring Instrument ( 1ch )

4.  YE6252Y4 displacement measuring instrument ( 1ch )

5.  YE 6252Y5 strain gauge ( 3ch )

6.  YE6251 chassis power supply and acquisition unit

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