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The company produces various types of sensors, signal conditioners, dynamic and static signal acquisition and analysis systems, modal analysis and vibration shock excitation and test instruments.


YE6251 Vibration Mechanics Teaching Experiment Sets


YE6251 振动力学综合试验系统YE6251 振动力学综合试验系统



YE6251 teaching mechanics experimental system is the company's latest teaching of vibration mechanics experimental system. This product is closely linked to the experimental outline of mechanics teaching in colleges and universities. It is especially suitable for various teaching mechanics experimental occasions such as university mechanics laboratories.

System composition

YE15000 vibration experiment comprehensive experimental bench

1.  Basic test bench composition: beam, base, bracket

2.  Composite beam

3.  Sheet metal system

4.  Single and double degree of freedom mass - spring system

5.  Suspension system

 Dimensions: length 700 mm , width 230 mm , height 380 mm

 Excitation and sensing systems

1.  CA-YD-107 piezoelectric acceleration sensor ( including magnetic chuck )

2.  CWY-DO-502 eddy current displacement sensor ( including magnetic table base )

3.  CL-YD-331 impedance head sensor

4.  LC-01A force hammer ( including CL-YD-303 force sensor )

5.  YE15400 exciter

6.  YE15301 electromagnetic damper

7.  YE15402 non-contact shaker

 YE6251 vibration mechanics tester

1.  YE6251Y1 power amplifier

2.  YE6251Y2 frequency sweep signal generator

3.  YE6251Y3 damping regulator

4.  YE6251Y4 displacement measuring instrument (1CH)

5.  YE6251Y5 Force Measuring Instrument (1CH)

6.  YE6251Y6 Accelerometer ( 2CH )

7.  YE6251 chassis power supply and acquisition unit


Signal acquisition and analysis unit ( including software )

  YE6251 test and analysis software integrates signal conditioning, data acquisition, signal analysis and modal analysis. It can collect and analyze in real time, and can automatically generate experimental reports in WORDformat.


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