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YE6254 Rotor Dynamics Experiment Sets


YE6254 转子动力学教学实验系统YE6254 转子动力学教学实验系统YE6254 转子动力学教学实验系统



YE6254 Rotor Dynamics Comprehensive Teaching Experiment System is an experimental teaching and research instrument designed for institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes in the field of mechanics and mechanical specialty rotor dynamics and other related courses. It simulates various operating states and multiple fault types of rotating machinery by setting different rotation conditions and structural forms of the flexible rotor shaft system. Through the measurement and analysis system, it can complete many basic experiments of rotor dynamics, dynamic balance experiments and fault Diagnostic and analytical experiments. The hardware and software of the system are designed to be open, aiming to provide a multi-purpose, comprehensive system platform, and create good experimental and analytical conditions for targeted and in-depth research of personnel engaged in rotor dynamics teaching and research.

System composition

. 1 , YE6254  rotor test rig consisting of

●       Simulation experiment pedestal

●       Oil film sliding bearing

●       Two types of rotors

●       Slide bearings and bearings

●       Friction screws and bearings

●       Various balance weight nails

●       DC motor 1 Ge

●       Two lengths of shafts, supporting three-span rotor experiments

●       Flexible and rigid couplings

●       Oil film oscillating bearing and support

●       Measurement sensor support

●       Rotor bracket and other accessories

2. Measurement sensor:

●       CWY-DO-502 ( 2mm ) non-contact eddy current displacement sensor:  4  sets

●       the CA-YD-107  piezoelectric accelerometer:   2  only

●       Optical speed sensor ( 0-12000  rpm / min):   2  only

3 ,  YE6254 control acquisition instrument: speed control, signal conditioning, data acquisition in one

●       Speed ​​control and display\Speed ​​and key phase signal conditioner unit:  set 

●       YE5931A eddy current displacement signal conditioner unit:  4  channels

●       YE5864A acceleration signal conditioner unit:   2  channels

●       YE626 0 data collector

4 ,  YE6254  signal acquisition and analysis software: modular and open programming

●       Speed ​​collection and control software

●       Basic test analysis software for rotor dynamics

●       Dynamic balance test analysis software

●       Fault diagnosis and analysis software: misalignment of rotor, rubbing of rotating shaft, imbalance of rotor movement, bearing oil film vortex, oil film oscillation, etc.


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