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The company produces various types of sensors, signal conditioners, dynamic and static signal acquisition and analysis systems, modal analysis and vibration shock excitation and test instruments.


N-Modal N-Modal Modal Test & Analysis Software


General introduction

N-Modal is a new generation of modal testing and analysis software, suitable for experimental modal analysis of complex structures in practical engineering applications. Widely used in dynamic response prediction, structural dynamic modification, finite element model modification, dynamic analysis and design, and vibration troubleshooting, fault diagnosis and structural health testing. N-Modal has input stimulus and output response measurable (EMA) and output only Operational modal analysis (OMA) function in response to data.

main feature

Comprehensive geometric modeling, project management, dynamic signal processing, modal parameter identification, time domain operating mode (ODS) estimation, frequency domain operating mode estimation, mode correlation matrix (MAC) estimation and other functional modules; convenient measurement Data input interface. Perfect two-dimensional curve, three-dimensional graphics (geometry, mode animation, MAC) display and control functions; data copy, screen copy, JPG graphics storage, AVI animation storage and other functions; convenient for users to quickly produce test reports and presentations.

Partial interface

 N-Modal 模态测试与分析软件


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