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The products have been widely used in many fields such as aerospace, national defense, science and technology colleges, and basic engineering construction. They have participated in the construction of national key projects and the implementation of major projects.

Defense industry

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typical application
Common products
Engine vibration test
CA-YD-112G, CA-YD-136,
Flight test
CA-YD-101, CA-YD-161
Ground Vibration Test (GVT)
CA-YD-106, CA-YD-111A02,
Flutter test
CA-YD-103, YE5852, YE6270, YE7600
Component testing
CA-YD-125, YE5852, YE6270, YE7600
Aerodynamic test
CY-YD-205, CL-YD-301,
Aircraft engine performance test;
CA-YD-111, YE5853, YE6270, YE7600
Determination of structural stiffness and natural frequency
CA-YD-103, YE5853, YE6270, YE7600
Modal tests of aircraft and spacecraft
CA-YD-103, YE5853, YE6270, YE7600
Vibration qualification test of military equipment
CA-YD-126, YE5853, YE6270, YE7600
Multi-point control active vibration reduction device
CA-YD-108, YE5853, YE7810, YE6276, YE7600
Seismic reliability simulation of cabin equipment
CA-YD-182TE01, CA-YD-3193T
Low frequency vibration of marine equipment
CA-YD-188T, CA-YD-109A,
Online condition monitoring of power equipment
CA-YD-182TE01, CA-YD-3193T
Underwater vibration test
Nuclear explosion pressure test
CY-YD-205, CY-YD-202, CY-YD-214,
Condition monitoring of nuclear pumps
Nuclear damper vibration test, modal analysis, condition monitoring


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