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Our company organizes employees to travel to Anhui

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Inordertoenrichtheculturallifeofemployees,furtherenhancetheteamspirit,promotemutualunderstandingbetweenvariousdepartments,andimprovethecohesionandcentripetalforceofthecompany,onMay12and20,2018,ourcompanyorganizedallcadresandemployeestotraveltoAnhuionpublicexpenseintwobatches. Accordingtotheitinerary,everyonevisitedTaohuatan,ChajiAncientVillage,TaipingLake,andDongtianBayandotherscenicareas.TheypersonallyexperiencedthedeepfriendshipbetweenLiBaiandWangLun,experiencedthelocalcustomsoftheancientHuipaivillage,andexperiencedthebluewavesofTaipingLake.HeYunshenLinCuifeltthenature'saxeandcleverness. DuringthistriptoAnhui,notonlydidyouenjoythebeautifulnaturalscenery,enjoythejoyandeaseoftravel,butalsocultivatedyoursentiments,improvedyourself-cultivation,andthenstrengthenedtheteamcohesion.Atthesametime,youalsofeltthecompany'swarmthandcare.EveryoneWillbedevotedtofutureworkwithhigherenthusiasm.
In order to enrich the cultural life of employees, further enhance the team spirit, promote mutual understanding between various departments, and improve the cohesion and centripetal force of the company, on May 12 and 20, 2018, our company organized all cadres and employees to travel to Anhui on public expense in two batches .
According to the itinerary, everyone visited Taohuatan, Chaji Ancient Village, Taiping Lake, and Dongtian Bay and other scenic areas. They personally experienced the deep friendship between Li Bai and Wang Lun, experienced the local customs of the ancient Huipai village, and experienced the blue waves of Taiping Lake. He Yunshen Lin Cui felt the nature's axe and cleverness.
During this trip to Anhui, not only did you enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, enjoy the joy and ease of travel, but also cultivated your sentiments, improved your self-cultivation, and then strengthened the team cohesion. At the same time, you also felt the company's warmth and care. Everyone Will be devoted to future work with higher enthusiasm.