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Warm congratulations to the launch of the 2016 "Because you are more wonderful" theme event

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OnMay2,2016,thewindwasbeautiful.FortypartnersfromLiannengElectronicswenttoZaolinForestryResortinYizhengforatwo-dayandone-night"becauseyouaremoreexciting!"Thisisnotanordinaryoutingorentertainmentactivity,butanexperientialtrainingthatislivelyandveryeducationalandmemorable.Thetwo-dayandone-nighttrainingmadeeveryone'sfamiliar"teamspirit"richincontentandprofoundmeaning.Everyonedefeatedthedemon,andwentfromgreatinnerfeartofearlessness.Theywentthroughpsychologicalandphysicaltests.Thegoalofknowingmyself,challengingmyself,andsurpassingmyselfhasbeenachieved,andastrongandunitedteamhasbeensmelted.Thefollowingisasnapshotoftheevent: First,thecoolestlookinhistory AglimpseofJinghong Third,liberatenature'srolecrosstalk Fourth,colorfulactivities  Fifth,mindmapping,brainstorming,summinguptwodaysofinsights  Thetwo-dayexpansionendedsohastilyEveryone'ssmileisdeeplyimprintedineveryone'smindTimewillonlykeepthismemorydeepinmyheartTakeitoutfromtimetotimeGentlyraisethecornerofyourmouthItturnsoutthatLianneng'sfriendsaresocuteBecauseyouaremoreexcitingWehaveacommonvisionandexpectationThatis,LiannengElectronicswillgetbetterandbetter!
On May 2, 2016, the wind was beautiful. Forty partners from Lianneng Electronics went to Zaolin Forestry Resort in Yizheng for a two-day and one-night "because you are more exciting!" This is not an ordinary outing or entertainment activity, but an experiential training that is lively and very educational and memorable. The two-day and one-night training made everyone's familiar "team spirit" rich in content and profound meaning. Everyone defeated the demon, and went from great inner fear to fearlessness. They went through psychological and physical tests. The goal of knowing myself, challenging myself, and surpassing myself has been achieved, and a strong and united team has been smelted. The following is a snapshot of the event:
First, the coolest look in history
A glimpse of Jinghong
Third, liberate nature's role crosstalk
Fourth, colorful activities
Fifth, mind mapping, brainstorming, summing up two days of insights
The two-day expansion ended so hastily
Everyone's smile is deeply imprinted in everyone's mind
Time will only keep this memory deep in my heart
Take it out from time to time
Gently raise the corner of your mouth
It turns out that Lianneng's friends are so cute
Because you are more exciting
We have a common vision and expectation
That is, Lianneng Electronics will get better and better!